IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod 1.22

The Oreca FLM09 and Corvette DP are brought to AC in the first installment of the USCC mod by IER.

  1. Bug Fixes

    - Corvette aero fixed (high downforce configuration had an issue that caused it to produce too little drag)
    - FLM09 mirrors fixed
    - Issue with Dallara crashing the showroom fixed (though it will still happen on certain Coyote liveries - unavoidable)
    - Spirit of Daytona livery fixed (had overlapping Corvette logos)
  2. Hotfix for Oreca's Dampers

    Fixed the rear damper range of the Oreca.
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  3. IER Car Pack #1 - Final Update

    With a myriad of updates and fixes, we bring the development life of our first Car Pack to a definitive close. We would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and hope to spark that same enthusiasm for our upcoming projects. As usual, make sure to keep up with news via our website, social media, or our mailing list.

    Until next time,
    The IER Simulations Team
  4. IER Car Pack #1 1.1 Released!

    - Sounds Updated

    - Different tire heating characteristics
    - Tires reevaluated to match telemetry on a larger array of tracks (no longer only accurate at one or two tracks)
    - Aerodynamic sensitivity changes to all cars
  5. IER Car Pack #1 V1.01 Released!

    - Corrected Coyote's blurred rims in showroom
    - Auto exposure settings improved
    - Dallara steering animation corrected
    - Various other fixes

    - Updated sounds from Fonsecker
    - Slightly different tire heating characteristics
    - "Black_Glass" shader modified to match other glass ambient and diffuse values. If your personally created livery uses a black windshield banner, copy the new version of the texture from one of the official liveries.
    - New flashing lights functionality...
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  6. IER Car Pack #1 V1.0 Released! (New features and improvements)

    The 1.0 update brings new features, bug fixes, and improvements to the cars.


    Further development of the tire model, aerodynamic properties, suspension geometry and kinematics, among a myriad of other adjustments bring both of the cars to new levels of accuracy. Utilizing more technical data and telemetry than ever before, the Oreca FLM09 race car is as accurate as it gets in public simulations. Telemetry between the sim and real life around Sebring...
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  7. IER Car Pack #1 - USCC Mod - 0.31

    0.31 fixes a few issues that users were having, as well as a few other small updates.

    - fixed Dallara Corvette DP driver eye positioning
    - fixed Coyote Corvette DP steering wheel
    - fixed small error regarding SUSP nodes on the Oreca
    - changed carbon shader on the Oreca to reflect less light - only until new materials are set up
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