Hyundai Genesis 'N' GT4 Factory Liveries

Hyundai Genesis 'N' GT4 Factory Liveries 1

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These two skins were made for both the Hyundai Genesis Racing Coupe (hgc_nvidia) and Genesis GT4 mods (they use the same model.

The livery was designed by me using Gran Turismo Sport, and remade for AC by MrB00 in photoshop. So again, huge thanks to MrB00 for redoing these in photoshop for AC.

The design is a factory scheme with GT4 plates sporting the "N" branding. The second livery is blue and silver instead.

If you downloaded the GT4 conversion mod from RaceDepartment, this skins are included there, but if you downloaded the mod from a different site or only have the hgc_nvidia version, you can get the skins here separately.


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Great looking design and it was a pleasure making this one for you mate. And for anyone who hasn't got this car yet I strongly recommend downloading it and taking it for a spin cause it's well worth getting :)
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0k Skins Gracias
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Good job, thx)
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