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Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT4 Conversion Mod 2020-05-23

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This is a conversion file based on the hgc_nvidia that updates the car to FIA GT4 specifications, adds more skins, includes new tires and a bunch of other small tweaks.

Included in the download are the files needed to copy over the hgc_nvidia mod to create the GT4 car, but the model is not included (I learned that the hard way). The download link to the base car is included in the readme.

The car has been tested thoroughly and is balanced with Kunos and Guerilla GT4 cars. You may need to adjust the weight slightly in order to bring it 100% in line with either series, but as an example, it runs really well with the Kunos Cayman.

Credits are included in the UI.JSON file and the README. But again, a quick thanks to everyone involved in skinning, testing and smaller suggestions.

Feel free to leave your feedback, but my computer has failed since this mod was created, so response times will probably be very slow.

The full mod is available on other sites including ***********, GTPlanet, or Assettomods (I dont remember giving them permission, but whatever.) if you prefer doing it that way. I’ll upload the new factory liveries separately soon for anyone who already has this mod.

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I actually already have the GTPlanet mod before this one came up, I just came to give support especially on how balanced this car is with the GT4 Clubsport. With the Ginetta GT4 and Maserati GT4, this car really makes for a great GT4 race. I cannot recommend this enough!
Thank you, I'm glad you're continuing to enjoy this mod we put together.
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