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HUDOne Analyzer (Telemetry data analyzer app for Android) 1.7

Assistant app for HUDOne 2016 where you can view and analyze all saved telemetry

  1. cjackson
    Assistant app for HUDOne 2016 where you can view and analyze all saved telemetry.
    You could analyze saved telemetry from HUDOne 2016. All the graphs from HUDOne 2016 can also be seen in this application. You could select laps and then select graph type to analyze. All the data saved from HUDOne 2016 session can be seen at once. Selecting many laps may cause hang on devices so be careful.

    device-2016-11-07-150948.png device-2016-11-07-150631.png device-2016-11-07-150733.png device-2016-11-07-150825.png device-2016-11-07-150847.png device-2016-11-07-150913.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tommy2808
    Version: 1
    It really helps getting faster!
    1. cjackson
  2. Julian_54
    Version: 1
    Can you do that for iOs?
    1. cjackson
      Author's Response
      Sorry. I don't have Mac to develop. And Appstore's registration time and fee too much
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