Huayra AMG Driving Performance Pack

Huayra AMG Driving Performance Pack 0.9

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After the huge 458 Speciale pack I started this week at a new one for the Huayra.
I have to say, the Huayra is much tougher to paint than the 458 (difficult template) and I'm sure updates with small corrections will follow. Also more skins will follow, I have 6 skins ready for now. The livery offers a wide variety of combinations, so normally this will be a big skin pack too...if reactions are positive that is :)
Please give me your honest opinions, if you see a (painting) mistake let me know.
I reworked the suits from blackcelica's Mercedes AMG suit to very basic suits (apart from the Italia skin) with adjusted colours, updates with more and corrected adjusted suits will follow (if blackcelica is working with me)
So I hope you'll enjoy these too as much as the 458 Speciale!!!
For now:
6 skins, interior colour match, custom tyre set, basic suits, same pitboard for every car.
To do list:
-custom logo (decals. file) creation
-work with blackcelica for suits (if he wants to)
-some tweaking of minor errors I'm sure I'll come across...or you will :)
-more skins and if the reactions are positive...I'll update them until the upload resource is at max size:)
AMG Black or White

AMG Arctic Plains

AMG Gulf

AMG Italia

AMG Ikuno Ginzan (Japanese silver mine)

AMG Royal Blood

Latest updates

  1. 3 new skins, added blue pearl skin to this pack

    3 new skins : Supersport Aura (no decals yet, not sure if this skin needs it) Supersport Blue...
  2. Latest interiors by Nicola La Malfa

    Nicola La Malfa's interiors for the latest 4 skins update. Super Sport Pagani Tarantula Sky
  3. matching suits for the 4 extra skins, matching interiors for the 6 first skins.

    Issue: possible unable to load showroom view (I encountered this myself) V0.7: -4 extra suits by...

Latest reviews

I love how the colours complement each other. Superb job.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you very much.
Very niceeeeee colors pack, thx ;)
Epic bud just epic!!!
I had seen the first few on the ac site and they were great but all the driver suits just top it all of. :-)
Hope you're health gets better soon bud no rush you've given enough In such a short time.
Take it easy.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you very much, I will be absent from AC and RD a little while now. Only checking the news :-)
You are soo good, you make so wonderful skins again of course with Blackcelica's fantastic suits also...and i am waiting in front of my eyes i see this skin already :-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Hey man, thanks again for the enthusiastic reviews and likes. Due to sickness and more time spend on the Huayra pack than I concidered, your skin will be little later. I had some health issues because of spending too much time on pc and stuff, but I'm turning my life upside down now with healthy food, shorter periods of Assetto Corsa time and fitness excercise. So bare with me, as soon as the health is back 100% and I find some more time, your skin will be next. No worries my friend :-)
Great addition!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
And one that will keep growing, if everything goes to plan.
Always the best skins!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thanx, the lines of the car are much more difficult to follow with the paint than I assumed, even with the helpful wireframe in the template. Like the comlpiment :-)
i rarely drive the Huayra in game. but these sure will be added to my collection =)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
The idea is to customize the skin of the Huayra like so that it's appealing to the eye as well as invites to take it to the track.
Thanks 4 downloading.
Great and fantastic work again :-D but make me happy next week please, please ;-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanx, no worries :-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks very much, I think you'll like the added screens in the discussion forum on this thread ;-)
Looking good.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Great response on my PM, happy Sunny :-)
they are pretty nice.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thanks :-)
Grand Tourist
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