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Howston G4 - 1969 Scuderia Filipinetti #2 LOLA - 4k 1.1

The #2 1969 Le Mans entry on the Howston G4

  1. Gui Cramer
    Recreated as accurately as possible from the couple of trustworthy photographs, had to recreate 5 logos. Excuse the S.E.V. Marchal by engine bay, the UV mapping is a monstrosity. If you wish to borrow some of my work contact me first, and if I don't respond just provide credit. If you are enjoying my work and would like to show any appreciation then feel free to donate, even just $1 makes a difference.


    Filipinetti (1) copy.JPG Filipinetti (2).jpg Filipinetti (3) copy.JPG Filipinetti LM.jpg 2.JPG
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