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Hoonigan Rally Edition Ken Block - Ford Fiesta RS Rally (2 Models) 2.0

!!! UPDATED With Extra Model (Heat Reflective Window Edition)

  1. RallyGamer
    !!! Update 27-04-2017
    He guys, i updated the file with an extra model of the car that has some cool heat reflective windows, hope you all like the extra edition. See the images below how the new model looks like.

    All the info on how to install both models is in the download.


    He guys, it's been a while since i made a Ken Block livery so here it is.

    The livery is based on the Ken Block’s 1965 Gymkhana Seven Mustang but i added some features of his previous gymkhana car prints.

    Installation info is in the download.

    More liveries can be found on www.rallygamer.com

    dirtrallyhoonigan0.jpg dirtrallyhoonigan1.jpg dirtrallyhoonigan2.jpg

    Second model with the heat reflective windows.
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Recent Reviews

  1. scolman21
    Version: 1.0
    very nice ! thanks man
    1. RallyGamer
      Author's Response
      your welcome scolman21
  2. Lexrax
    Version: 1.0
    Oh my. What a Livery :) Now i`m waiting for the 2007 Ford Focus one from the new 2017 Ford Focus, That block has :)
    1. RallyGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks Lexrax
  3. Badexample69
    Version: 1.0
    5 stars! love it! Awesome website too! Thanks a lot for this!
    1. RallyGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks @badexample69
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