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Honda S800 RSC 1.23

100 hp of pure awesomeness

  1. Fixed small bug on rear lights from 1.22

    Priority issue made them invisible in showroom, transparency was wrong in track.
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  2. Updated rear axle suspension for AC 1.14.4 and small tweaks

    • Suspensions.ini update for new rear live axle model
    • Fixed some transparency issues on kn5
    • Adjusted tires specular value
    • Skins come in 2k by default now, 4k file available on each folder
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  3. Fixed hood cam, updated LODs

    • Fixed bonnet cam height (no longer behind plastic screen)
    • Fixed tail light on all the LODs
    • Added removable roof option to LOD models
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  4. Optimized textures and improvements

    • Optimized file size from 150mb to 55mb
    • Updated AI
    • Fixed driver size + animations
    • Added 4 point harness
    • Removable roof from the AERO setup section
    • Removed shadow bias bug from tires

    The open roof allows to see more of the interior, so it'll receive more detail in a future update.
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  5. V10 Tires + Physics adjustments

    Thanks to Aphidgod for the update
    Make sure to delete the old folder before starting the game.
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  6. Sounds fix

    Quick update that adds tire and external sounds.
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