Honda S800 RSC

Honda S800 RSC 1.23

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Awesome car. Thank you very much.
But one question: My fuel gauge isn't working. Is this normal?
Thank you very much.
This car is such a blast, it handles like a dream at it revs, god does it rev and rev and rev and rev. Lovely car.
What a nice little Car good work thank you
Everything is good: graphics, sounds, cameras, internal and lights. Thanks!
high quality AC car that looks great and is fun to drive!
Great car, thank you!
Excelent tiny car! Surprisingly good to drive it in the limit, only thing I felt a bit weird is the engine's sound that make it feels faster than it really is and it seems to be always hungry for speed, I think another sound would match better but it is fine anyway. With Oculus Rift is awesome and the fact you can take the roof off is a plus! 5 stars!!!!!
Thanks! if we ever find someone who can work the sounds I'll update it with the right one, but look at some youtube videos, the car is always hungry for speed :)
Excellent car
It is just excelente!
Just awesome like all of A3DR's mods!
Awesome looks, drives fantastic!
so much fun, detail is fantastic and just a joy to throw around any track. well done :)
Still brillant. Awesome work man.
grazie ;)
True to your title. 100hp of pure awesomeness. Thank you for this mod sir. I have not driven this car in real life, but this is the type of car that you should never lift the throttle when coming into the corners if you don't want to oversteer the car and lose momentum. Here's a short video in VR. Thanks! :)
Nice driving man, that was tight! thanks for sharing, looks so real in VR!
Thanks for the update

Preview the car
Amazing Work, Thank for sharing it!!!
Without words...incredible Job from your side. One of the best outthere. More than 5 Stars for me.
WOW ...not my type of car but this sure is some beautiful work notch many thanks.
Great mod, every one of them.
Thank you for updating the two Honda S800, it lacks so much mod of this brand Honda, still a very good mod on your part.
Just excellent. The kind of attention to detail that surpasses Kunos cars. Thank you!
Thanks !!!
Stunning work dude. Wow , Thank so much. Love it.
Amazing work. The attention to details is tremendous. I saw a lot of screenshots before finally trying it, it's even better driving it! It's light and fun to race. Online leagues should be interesting! Bravo :)
AWESOME! just awesome!
Top class, amazing car! Fun to drive
Nicely done and a lot of fun. But I don't have enough tyre noise either
J'ADOOOOOORRREEE ! Nice mod, really professionnal. Congrats.
Like kondor999 said, please make a S2000 :)
Incredible car, please do the S2000 as well! Former S2000 owner here :)
TY so much for your dedication and your astonishing quality Daniel, i told you many time´s how much i think you are the best at this "game". Ty so much also for the skin with my number and my name. Nothing to point except the amazing quality of your model, not only how you made the 3D topology/technique, the accuracy is perfect.
wow where did she come from.. thanks
Big thanks! this is the kind of car that put a big smile on my face
Just awesome man! Thx for doing this mod!
Wow ! Another masterpiece ... It's amazing, thx ... Kunos should hire you man ...
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