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Honda S800 - KSCC Championship 1966 #7

Honda S800 - KSCC Championship 1966 #7 1.0

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This is Kuniomi Nagamatsu (永松 邦臣, born February 10, 1944) and his little Honda S800 at the 1966 KSCC Championship, held on the 31st of July. Possibly the most impressive performance delivered by Kuniomi that day: qualifying for pole with a time of 2:51.5, but not starting too well, getting overtaken by a Fairlady. Somehow, despite the slow start, he manages to lap the entire field to finish a full lap ahead of 2nd place at the end of the 42 lap/250km race!

This was his first overall win, which put him on the map for the coming decade; getting a spot on the Honda RSC team for 1968, and even becoming a part of Taki Racing Team! He would also be very active in formula racing throughout Japan, and retire 20 years after his first win, in 1986.

Using custom made decals and custom JSON file!

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