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Honda S800 Cabriolet: Honda Racing 177 0.9b

Honda S800 Cabriolet racing livery

  1. AlleyViper
    In here you can find a racing livery for the Honda S800 Cabriolet:
    177_honda_racing_p1.jpg 177_honda_racing_p2.jpg

    Features a 2K livery inspired in a classic 60's Honda color scheme used for their racing bikes.

    Acknowledgments: Credits are due to A3DR for the original mod, template and base textures.

    PS: Unfortunately my GPU is out of order, so this skin kept going on a very modest laptop. Meaning no final tweaking with boosted settings or even decent ingame screenshots on this post for now, hence the beta status. I hope you can still enjoy it in the current state; a companion for the RSC will come later.
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Recent Reviews

  1. antirussia81
    Version: 0.9b
    Very nice design. BTW, any chance for RSC version as well?
    1. AlleyViper
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
      It'll come later, if you don't mind to wait a bit. Please check the description.
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