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Honda Racing Lawn Mower

Honda Racing Lawn Mower V0.95

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Here is the result of a 5-day binge project, to satisfy my own curiosity as to what can be achieved (by me) in a short timeframe.

This is the answer: A not-quite-finished Honda Racing Lawn mower built by the British based BTCC team "Team Dynamics", based on the HF2620 mower.

Please note: This was built as a personal challenge, and as result it does not represent the quality or polish I'd hope to achieve in any of my future projects!

Full album of progress from the start: https://imgur.com/a/Zinfl

@Modek: SFX (just borrowed from the Dallara, so not a perfect match)
Me: Everything else
Everyone in this forum: For the patience of allowing me to indulge in stupid stuff like this instead of continuing with my many ongoing projects... :D

As said, this was a very quick project and as a result many areas are lacking/unfinished. I'm particularly disappointed I didn't get some tyre textures or dashboard instruments done, but let me know if its wanted and I can add to it at a later date!

Physics wise its a bit of a handful, but its seriously fast having 100+bhp at around 200kg (with driver!). Not the most refined ride by any stretch, but its certainly driveable.

Please enjoy :)

Oh and do not reupload this mod anywhere - just link to here. And do not make any modifications to this without my permission. Thanks


Highly recommend these awesome skins by @Russell Sobie, go get them!

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4.96 star(s) 55 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Honda Lawn Mower V0.95 Overhaul

    Changelog: Physics: * edited aero (drag increased to match the frontal area increase) * edited...

Latest reviews

This is fantastic!
I saw Jimmy Broadbent's video on this and wanted to try it myself.
It didn't disapoint!
It might not be 100% finnished but it's just brilliantly mad & massive fun to drive! Well done Sir :)
tons of fun to drive, also used the engine file in a small formula car and it was awesome
Sooo Fun to drive!! nice job!
This is genuinely my favourite car to drive in any sim.
It's a twitchy death machine and that makes doing anything with it incredibly rewarding.
Great quality, absolutely hilarious and surprisingly good to drive.
Love it! Helps me to keep those curbs nice and flat (:
yeah very fun and all but could you increase the steering angle, that would be very useful other than that NICE good job
Thanks - Regarding steering angle, not really. Look at the front tyres, there is not much room for them to turn without it clipping through the bodywork.
This is so much fun. It really teaches you to be careful. I managed an 8:11 'round Nordschleife, which is a quite a bit faster than I can do in a lot of proper cars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8Ck7NPkrOc&t=1s
New version much more realistic. However, I found myself changing the camera back to the old position, as I like it much better. Also, the 'car' seems much harder to keep in a straight line, which is probably more realistic, but also annoying.

5 stars, so far !!!
Do you feel what I mean wth the video !?

Thanks a lot, It's truly a must have ! ;-)
11/10, truly the future of motorsports
Absolutely bananas !!! Well done !!!
At last I can mow my garden ingame!
Love this mod, but there is a small issue with the new update where the tires are starting at 90% wear, and un-wearing as you use them! Works fine if you put tire wear on 2x and scrub them in, but if you have tire wear off its pretty undriveable.
Yeah that was intentional, maybe too extreme but they should grip up very quickly within a lap or 2.

And yeah I didn't really consider those with tyre wear turned off, though really, whoever drives like that in AC deserves it ;)
Great fun, thank you very much!
This is somewhere between stupid, crazy and awesome XD
Driving this has been the most fun I had in AC in a while. lol
Awesome! Thanks a lot :)
Haha, lots of fun. Just took it to the infield of circuit de Lignières (with the sand hills).
The dash is very nice too. As said before, great substitute for karts...fast too... thanks again.
Now you know what to drive in the absence of karts.
Great update, thanks a lot!
You thought dying on the Nordschleife wasn't enough? Try dying on the Nordschleife with this thing. Most fun you'll ever have.
5/7 would mow again.
Would i request a mod like this? No. Am i happy that this mod exsist? Hell Yes