Honda NSX by Niels Heusinkveld, Siim Annuk

Honda NSX by Niels Heusinkveld, Siim Annuk v1

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I've heard several people say that this Honda NSX street car for rF1 by Niels Heusinkveld and Siim Annuk is one of the best mods for the sim. I'm inclined to agree. @Niels_at_home I'm guessing would now feel he could do much better, but I think this mod is very much worth driving and sharing all the same ;).

FYI the legacy of this car continues in rFactor 2, where Image Space Incorporated released an updated version years ago, and in Assetto Corsa, where Siim Annuk a.k.a. @Some1 is continuing working on Honda NSXs:

To watch Niels himself talk about the car, drive it, and drift it, check out his video here:

There is a VERY DETAILED ReadMe that comes with this mod. You must read it in detail!

Credits to VirtualR for the following images.



------------------ DISCLAIMER ------------------

This is not my mod. All credits go to the original creators. I've decided to upload this mod to RaceDepartment for the sake of the enjoyment of the community and archival preservation. More and more sources for rF1 mods are disappearing, and to ensure these amazing community creations are not lost forever, it is essential that they are preserved elsewhere on the internet - preferably in well-known, trusted locations like RD. Thank you to Tripp, who ran the TrippTeam server, the place where an incredibly comprehensive archive of rF1 mods was maintained for many years (and the spot from which I downloaded this mod). Should the original modders prefer that this be taken down, please let me know, and I will do so.
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