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Honda ITR/CTR Type-R K20A Sound Mod

Honda ITR/CTR Type-R K20A Sound Mod 2019-03-05

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Realistic K20A sound (ITR, CTR... every K type-r series)
Sound is taken from a Civic EP3, used dyno samples for the front and back outside sounds.

From the DDsoundpack for those that don't want to download a 100+mb rar file.

Just change the filename and GUIDs.txt to suit your car

Latest reviews

Sounds good! I am glad we now have a good K20A sound as the one that comes with the EP3 mod is not that great. My daily is a 2002 Civic SiR, so I do love being able to drive my car, now with a proper sound. all that's left is to get a left hand drive one!
It does sound like the real thing. Only problem I felt was that since they were dyno sounds, the car always seems like its running in a tunnel. Also, a vtec cross over sound would be nice.
Is the in-car sound sounding like in a tunnel or during replays? the in-car sound is actually from sound samples in a car so they should sound correct.
Wow I loved this mod. The ep3 car I downloaded had horrible sound with a sharp volume difference between vtec non engaged and engaged. It was ruining my enjoyment but luckily I found this one which is perfect. Reminds me of my own ep3. Now I can practice tracks with my own car and enjoy it . Thanks!
File size
8.5 MB
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User rating
4.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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