Honda F1 Team 1.0

Honda skin replace Marussia/Manor

  1. Thyo
    Use only this mod if you understand how to restore your previous skin before installing this mod!
    I cannot guarantee you'll like this mod!
    I posted here because I need some opinion from you guys about my works!

    First of all, this mod replace Marussia skin (Manor if you use '16/'17mod)
    Using Red-Bull Chassis!
    The numbers are #7 [Nobuharu Matsushita] #21 [Sean Gelael]
    Why I choose them? well, it's honda, so the driver (at least one of them) must be japanese and the other somewhere around asia.
    I will working to change team logo (race-crew also) if my mod at least reach 100 download.

    How to install:
    Well, extract all files from downloaded rar to F1 2014 installation folder /cars/ma2
    if you had some camera bugs, please copy your own cameras.ini file from cars/rb2

    If you are using 2017 mods, which is only 10 teams remain, so you have to use the original database.bin from F1 2014 game (not from '17 mod database.bin) and play as marussia
    I also change the ctf file a bit for this skin, so AI will get more pace on asia track such as, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, and of course Suzuka!

    Screenshot (16).png Screenshot (15).png Screenshot (17).png Screenshot (18).png
    Please understand my photoshop skill is 'ugly', so I heavily needs advice and good critizism.
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Recent Reviews

  1. akang
    Version: 1.0
    i love it
  2. vairogs
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic job ! Thank You !
    1. Thyo
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it mate. Cheers!
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