Honda CB750 Crosskart

Honda CB750 Crosskart 1.0

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Earlier this year I was looking for an external timetable to get a project done. At the same time the Youtube channel Cars and Cameras announced a new crosskart build, from scratch. I threw together an engine model matching the one they'd announced and went from there.

The engine turned out not to have a clutch so they swapped over to a larger displacement Honda engine. My model is still the smaller one cause it's fine, differences are minor. The rest of the model has a couple similar differences where they went through several iterations quickly and I didn't happen to model the final one.

In the end this has an optimistic 70 horsepower matching a tuned CB750 bike that I could find a dyno sheet for. It had carburetor swap and some exhaust changes, this has similar modifications, so again, about as accurate as is reasonable. 70 horsepower is more than plenty for a vehicle that's 2.5 metres long and weighs just under 300kg empty.

Extract the 7zip file to your assettocorsa/content/cars folder to create assettocorsa/content/cars/honda_cb750_kart.


Stereo: model, textures, physics, "skins" (5 plain colours)
mclarenf1papa: physics advice actually building this monster

This kart has a lot of handling quirks due to the short wheelbase and spool rear end. Take it easy on the gas in 1st and 2nd gear and you know, don't expect it to drive like a sportscar. Thanks to its light weight it's still plenty fast (I'm told it could beat the E30 M3 at Laguna Seca and nearly keeps up with the modern Mustang) but its lack of aerodynamics limits its top speed to a still excessive 190km/h.
There are 2 LODs included because I'm moving on to other things, the main model has a relatively low material and object count so it should even out.
In order to facilitate some of the special features of the completely open rear end, this mod does not use suspension animations, instead sticking with direction nodes. This means the springs don't compress sensibly, but on the plus side, accurate camber is visible and the chain sprocket spins.
It was modeled with the bottom of the chassis flat which makes it look slightly odd in the Kunos showroom as the rear tires don't touch the ground. Just to do with how the suspension on the real one turned out.

Latest reviews
Ridiculous, only thing that'd complete this insanity would be an H-Gate Shifter, great fun.
Very fun. I love this kind of experimental mods.
This has become my favorite go to vehicle. So much fun.
carsandcameras hmhm
fun to drive just needs slicks
sO fUN!
Really fun to drive!
A completely unique driving experience, especially in VR. The different colours change the entire frame colour, and the weight transfer physics are like nothing else. Give it a download!
Also have a look at Stereo's other stuff, there are some really cool projects.
Terribly good
as a base, the crosscart is so much fun, i then decided to get the resourse to tool around with cars and swap engines, adjust braking power, torque, sounds, etc, now after swapping it with multiple different engine, and playing around stock is the best form but oh boy does it become fun on rally-cross courses when swapped to AWD :D
You actually inspired me to make a similar project IRL. Do you think that the real thing handles this sublimely?
What an amazing little car, it's so fun in narrow tracks like the short version of Virginia. It must be in your mods collection 100%.
This is amazing. Top mod. Thanks.
top fun to drive but the only thing it needs is a hand brake but still 10/10
Awesome, thanks
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