HJK_OWC_2015_v3.0 3.0

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Nearly perfect mod.
AI has some spinning on some cornes :(. Tried Igel solution, but i'm not able to make it run after the modifications. The mod is not here any more (in game)
Sicario Del Toro
This is by far the best F1 mod , Physics are incredible great, cars look fantastic.
Very, very good.
All the cars look great.
Driving them is great fun!
Wonderful work, thank you very much.

in my it is complete but when loading to get on the track it stops responding
The car looks really awesome, nice physichs maybe need a bit more of topspeed but i can say it clear, the best mod i ever tried in rf2
muy guapo tu mod gracias por compartir
Very nice carset, the best 2015 OW mod.

Noticed AI cars spinned very often in curve 3 of ISI Portugal, easy solution reducing rear AIBraketorque by 30 %, in HDV and increasing AIGripmult in tbc for rear tyres a few percents.

just talent files missing. otherwise this would be perfect!
How did i not hear of this until now, awesome!
After having been disappointed by a lot of recent F1 mods, I didn't expect anything grand when I downloaded this one. I must say though I was very pleasantly surprised, it actually drives, feels and looks great. Sounds are good too. Good stuff, thanks a bunch, can't wait to see more from you guys.
really nice physics, and yes talent files would be awesome!!!
Physics are superior to other F1 mods!! Fantastic, despite some bottom-out. Also getting some strange HDR flashing on and off with these cars, but with a few teaks these will be the gold standard for modern F1. Great work!
We will look at it and improve it
Great job, its really good compared to other F1 mods.
This MOD is Excellent. Thank you for your time and hardwork :) Talent files would be fantastic. I am now very much looking foward to the other projects on your fb page.
This mod is great! :D
Thank you!
Great work, but the maximum speed is too low.
you can set the engine boost in 12 stages :)

try it :)
best mod so far
Thanks a lot!
nice only talents files are missing or wrong
This is a multiplayer mod .

If there are enough requests this can be fixed with an update.
Great physics
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