HistorX help pack 1.0

HistorX Hints and Tips,GID hud,Spotter guide for rfactor ,T500 profile for rFactor,4Gig patch for wi

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Contains the items below in one pack
    Welcome to this Hints and Tips section for the HistorX mod for rFactor. Here we will try to offer help and advice to anyone wishing to use or requiring help for this brilliant mod. To start off with, it is HIGHLY recommended that you install the mod to a clean/fresh install of rFactor. We would also recommend installing the Lite version as it is a smaller download and takes up less space on the hard drive. It's also very important to follow the instructions in the associated manual carefully as this will minimise any mistakes and errors.

    1. It is recommended to keep 1 install of rFactor strictly for use with the HistorX mod as installing other mods could cause errors. Also, renaming this as “HistorX” during the install will aid you in finding it in the folder structure and avoid any clash if a second install of rFactor is used. If you want to use other mods with rFactor then make a second install and use this for any other mods you wish.

    2. If you have rFactor installed on Windows 8 or later then it needs to be run with administrator privileges in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

    3. We no longer use XD as our in game hud overlay as it doesn't seem to work correctly when used in conjunction with the Historx mod. GID Hud Overlay is now the plugin of choice Many thanks to Davy Vandevenne for pointing us to this resource.

    4. If you install the mod on Windows 8 or later and want to use the GID Hud Overlay then it may throw up an error stating that dx3d9_40.dll is missing. If this is the case then you'll need 2 extra files called dx3d9_40.dll. Although both files are named identically they are different file sizes and reside in different locations. use at your own risk
    5. DXSDK_June10.exe contains the dx3d9_40.dll

    6. If you are using GID hud and the game keeps crashing then make sure you don't have any other overlay (including the Teamspeak or Overwolf overlay) enabled. It seems that they both utilise D3D9.dll and conflict with each other.

    7. If you are using GID hud but your engine health stays at 100% then replace the rFactor.exe with this one Many thanks to Roland Warmenhoven for figuring this one out and providing the resource.

    8. If you want to turn off the track map in the GID Hud Overlay then you can do this by pressing the 0 (zero) key on the numeric keypad.

    9. Changing the “Number of concurrent servers” entry in the \UserData\your_name\Multiplayer.ini file from 400 to 999 will help you to find our servers by displaying more entries in the list.

    10. When choosing your vehicle take note of the “Power” info in the vehicle specifications pane... e.g. Power 116kw @ 7,400. This will give you a safe rev limit when changing gear. You may find that you can rev higher than this but there is a risk of rev spikes when changing gears which could damage the engine health.

    These are just a few hints/tips and suggestions to help you along the way and we hope that they do just that. If you you have any other hints or tips that you feel could be added to this list then please post them below and we'll update this post as and when we can.

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    Spotter guide for rfactor (a friendly voice keeping you up to date whilst on track) Big thanks to Davy Vandevenne
    rFactor_T500RS profile for rFactor
    4gb_patch.exe 4Gig patch for win 7x64 allows sim to use more than 2 gig of memory
    motecXD style hud interface whilst in game Java Runtine enviroment 6)
    Manual Damage Control. Choose what level of repair you need (if any).
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