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Historic GT: Naming Update for AMS 0.6

Historic GT & Touring Cars

  1. Physics and AI update

    - Added tire trial FFB parameters and flatspotting on all cars.
    - First test for AI optimization
  2. Added opponents name

    - Added vehicle names in the opponent selection menu
    - Separate classes for GT40 depending on engine displacement
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  3. Bug fixing.

    PLEASE DELETE ALL THE PREVIOUS [HX..] entries in your RealFeelPlugin.ini file and append the ones in the RealFeelPlugin_HX.ini file you may find in the archive and verify that the 'VehicleDelimiterSize' parameter in the "General" section is set to '5'!

    -Fixed bug for P1 class
    -Added rfeel data for some missing cars
    -Added relationship table for realfeel alias
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  4. Car descriptions updated for Realfeel compatibility

    Added Realfeel entries for all the cars compatible with standard AMS conventions.
    In the archive you may find an updated realfeel.ini to use with the mod including standard AMS car setups.

    Make a backup copy of your realfeel.ini before overwriting with this one.
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  5. Corrected typos in some car descriptions

    Thanks to Marc Collins for the head up.
  6. Historic GT: Naming Update for AMS v0.2 (new images from The Preacher)

    Many thanks to The Preacher for the updated images in the AMS series screen.