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Hillclimb Juncalillo v0.5b

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  1. Update V0.5b

    changed banners and fix texture grass

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... waiting for update ...
online no sirve por que solo me deja poner un coche igual que los demas tramos canarios, una pena por que para mi son exceletes, juncalillo, los marteles, era del cardon, etc...muchas gracias por la aportacion.
This Track sucks like some rfactor Mods in the past. It completely kills Performance.
FPS goes down from 70 to below 30.
unplayable for me.
it is ok for a beta
I'm sure this will become better with updates, however at the moment it is only 3 stars. Will keep an eye on it as I love hill climbs.
looks nice. look forward to updates
Want to agree with Momashi..But really do not test this track. Keep going Guys!
If I was to give this track a rating right now, it would be more along the line of 3 stars rather than 4 but it is pretty early in devolpment and I'd like to encourage and support the develloper, so I decided to give it a higher rating.

Why? Because I think this track has the potential of being one of the most beautiful and visually pleasing hill climbs on Assetto Corsa if the dev keeps improving it. Those trees are stunning. The hills roll and curve beautifully. How can you go wron in the Canary Islands!! Alot of love was put into making this track.

That being siad, here are some improvements that I could suggest: the textures you choose to put next to the road are **WAY** too low in resolution. It's ok to have lower res stuff for things rendered far away but things that are next to the road or that can be clearly seen from it should have at least 1K to 4K in resolution (4K being for things that are just next to it and 1080p for things buildings etc). For example, the road is cut into rocks, the resolution in the rocks is really low and blurry. The geomtry of the rocks could be too jagged. The rolling hills can be unaturally pointy. The texture of the grass could be improved (not the 3D grass but where it's a two 2D surface with a picutre of grass on it).

I come from the mediterenean too, the houses have yellowish stonework and red ceramic roof chingles. It would be nice to some of that textured into the houses on the side of the road.

Keep up the awesome work! This is a wonderful start, alot of promise in this track. I'm very excited to see where it goes!!!
i like your feedback, thanks
Greating Job Thx
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