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Highlights 0.1

Simple app that logs the current time, lap and position when you press a hotkey

  1. MegadetH_44

    This app provides an easy way to log when something interesting happens during a race so you can look back at your replay or recording and find it easily. Just press a hotkey, and the app will creates a text file in the "Highlights_session" folder with the track name, car name and date/time and add a line like:

    [R] Time: 0:17:04 Lap: 12 Pos: 0.86​

    The first character is R for Race, Q for Quali and P for Practice, and the time is the one you will see in the replay.

    Press the hotkey again, and a second line will be added to the file, as simple as that.

    A second hotkey can be used to reset the time. This can be usefull if you want the time in the log file to match a recording and not the replay, just hit the reset time hotkey when you start recording, or you can even use the same key to start your recording (OBS, shadowplay...) and reset the time this way you are sure that it matches.

    The hotkeys can be configured by editing the Highlights.py file on line 38 and 39 and changing the "VK_*" text at the end of the lines by the key you want from the file "Highlights_lib/win32con.py", for exemple VK_F4.

    Defaults hotkeys are
    • Numpad 0 to log
    • Numpad decimal point to reset the time
    To install the app, just extract the files to your "Steam/common/assettocorsa" folder and enable Highlights in the Options > General menu.

    There is no graphical interface for this app so you don't have anything to do in-game to enable it, just press the hotkey and it works.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Manuel Ferreiro Couselo
    Manuel Ferreiro Couselo
    Version: 0.1
    I try of course. Very good to making the videos. Thanks !
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