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High Plains Raceway

High Plains Raceway 1.0.1

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This is my scratch-built version of High Plains Raceway, a small track about an hour east of Denver, Colorado. It's got a lot of elevation changes and it's pretty challenging and fun.

Custom Shaders Patch with GrassFX turned on is required. (I guess it will work without them, but it will look pretty bad without)

This track uses the "PerPixelMultiMap_emissive" shader (from here). It is included with the track.

There is good AI available here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/improved-ai-for-high-plains-raceway.34399/

Installation: unzip to your assettocorsa directory or drag onto content manager.

Feel free to convert or modify.

Night lighting in the pit area
AI (It could probably be better)
Starting Lights
4 layouts

Recommended GrassFX Settings:
For best results set quality to High or Very High. Any lower than that and it looks pretty bare.



Latest updates

  1. Sorry for the update so quickly

    Fixed the curbs so they don't upset the car and so they look closer to reality.

Latest reviews

I spend a lot of time at HPR and you've nailed it. THANK YOU GB!
Good job. I love the way it turned out.
But can I ask what's the point in making a race track and not adding proper camera work for race replays?
The cameras are placed in a weird way far from the car and I think it only has 3 cameras per track.
The point is to race? I never use the replay feature so... Besides, the community usually makes cams for tracks that don't have 'em.
Absolutely Fantastic!!! This is my home track, I've been looking for it in Assetto Corsa for years. Now it's here! Very accurate and true true to the real life track. I'm getting all the same sensations in the sim as I do on the real High Plains track.

Textures in run off areas are somewhat low-res (I guess that's how they come from Google earth), but GrassFX mostly takes care of it. It would be nice for this track to get better textures in the future.

I'm looking forward to the future updates - it's a great start - THANK YOU!!!!
good job, just a problem which is when you spun in the main straight you can go to the over side of the track, maybe add a wall to prevent that but your work still amazing
I really enjoy this track. Maybe a bit too barren (not your fault, it's the real life track's fault). Though in Colorado, the track feels like a summer in the arctic circle... Very original track in that sense. And the driving part; it's fun!
Very good job, thanks!
Sweet job man!
Quite a simple track in an unremarkable environment, but really well executed and a pleasure to drive. Thanks!
Really nice stuff GB. Thanks for your work
Great addition to the track collection. Thank you very much.
Nice track! Sadly, the ai line isn´t very competitive (I´ve only tested the full circuit though) Hopefully I´ll get around to making a better one.
4 outa 5
This looks great! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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