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High Force v1.0

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High Force, by Brun


Made everything better. I hope.

Now includes CSP config in 'asssettocorsa/content/tracks/highforce/extension'.
Any 'highforce.ini' file in 'assettocorsa/extension/config/tracks/loaded' should be removed to prevent conflicts.

Tested on the latest CSP preview 0.1.76p63, something's broken the displacement on the walls so I'm sticking with the 0.1.76p1 for that reason.

Added additional layouts with start points in Middleton-in-Teesdale, Stanhope, St. John's Chapel and Langdon Beck. These have Hotlap starts and Multiplayer spawn points, number of which varies by location as follows...

High Force Hotel: 60
Middleton: 22
Stanhope: 17
St John's: 28
Langdon Beck: 15

I'm not aware of any way to remove the #1 pit lolipop guy when in Hotlap which is annoying

Timing is set up to work anti-clockwise on all layouts

No AI or cameras

Hopefully all the physics issues in the previous version are fixed. Many thanks to all who pointed them out via the support thread or direct message. Pushed the invisible walls back a long way, as commonly requested. Not sure how the physics will hold up further off road, but had a couple of big offs in testing and it seemed ok.


***WORK IN PROGRESS*** Please bear this in mind with regards to feedback

No AI at the moment so offline is limited to hotlap and practice. There are spawn points for other vehicles so multiplayer may work, but is completely untested.

The driving *should* be pretty solid. The open areas have invisible walls not far from the road so there's no opportunity to go completely cross-country, accidentally or otherwise.

Most ovbious of the things left to do is the unfinished buildings. Was planning to get through all that before making it public, but progress is slow.

I've added cones and roadworks signs at some junctions where it's not obvious which direction to go. If you get familiar with the route and want rid of them, edit the models.ini file and remove the last entry.

There's support for AO and grass if using CSP. Not really getting the results I want from the AO baking, but it's still an improvement over the default. For the grass, the 'highforce.ini' file should be copied to '\extension\config\tracks'

Latest updates

  1. High Force v1.0

    Hope this is worth the very considerable wait since the beta. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy...

Latest reviews

absolutely amazing! Stunning. A real work of art. You should be proud of yourself. Never played anything that captures british road like this. Looks epic in all weathers to. Really suits the sub 200hp cars
i dont even know why it will not work. i placed all the necessary files and nothing. errors after errors
Hello for some reason the track doesn't want to load
Mate, brilliant track! The LA Canyons of the UK! :D
Lovely track to drive!
Perfect track for practice kind of open world driving. Great route build and setup real UK countryside scenery
Beautiful track. Love the flow and the atmosphere. If I was knit-picking I'd mention the 'invisible walls' when I take a wrong turn.. it's pretty terrifying in VR! Unfortunately for the vast majority of them there are no blue signs or any other way of knowing there are invisible walls ahead. Perhaps a road block of some kind would solve this.. a tractor or road works etc? Anyway thanks very much, I'm really enjoying it.
Great track, Thanks for your hard work. But the trees look too yellow and the grass is too bright. Could you make the trees look more natural green and make the grass less luminous please??? This would make the immersion factor through the roof. Thanks again.
Why is the grassland in autumn not golden after I update?This makes the scenery on the road not as good as before
This is absolutely stunning. I drive regularly on Pennine roads (albeit further south than this) and it’s crazy how accurate they are. Absolutely captures the character of the area. I truly admire and appreciate the work that went into this.

My only one piece of feedback would be as other people have mentioned, it’s absolutely terrifying to hit an invisible wall in VR! I totally get that the realism is improved by not having big roadblocks but with the reduced resolution of a VR headset compared to playing on a TV screen it’s hard to see the blue signs that indicate the end of the road.

Anyway, amazing achievement, thanks so much!
Brun what a gorgeous and relaxing track to drive. I remember when you released the original and how much I loved it - this is a huge improvement with all the extra details.

If I absolutely must be a super duper critical Debbie Downer... I'd say the only thing I'd like to see added is a basic no frills race circuit - starting grid on the road etc. Maybe that doesn't fit with the realism but I'm sure we can put some bunting up and pretend it's a festival or something :D

But seriously thank you for all your work on this. Definitely a top tier casual-drive track.
v1.0 - Absolutely stunning. Great attention to detail given the size of the map. I'm running VR and having zero issues. Just drove it clockwise and anti-clockwise in the Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 SVRA GR6. Fun to drive it both fast and slow.

Well done!
Astonishing amount of work must have went into this. Fantastic.
I don't know how to install it... when I do as usually, assetto corsa say that it couldn,'t load the map when I run it... how to fix it please ?
Sounds like the problem with UI files. Check the support thread for the solution
one of my favs.love lapping this.doesnt get the hype it deserves.thankyou
Incredibly fun track...in VR it's insane. And it's simply massive. The roads aren't too difficult and you can get up into 6th gear on many long stretches of rolling countryside. It's absolutely beautiful at dusk and dawn. A simply must try! Well done!
Fantastic mod, a true labor of love. This is the kind of mods that makes me want to come back to Assetto day after day.
Have to say, wasn't a huge fan of the earlier version I tried, but this is significantly improved in every respect, making it an easy 5-star and a permanent fixture in my tracklist.

Thank you for all the hard work!
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