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Hero Sinoi Circuit

Hero Sinoi Circuit 2.2

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Video Preview:

Hero Shinoi Circuit For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima

-20 pit box
-3d grass
-phisical mesh
-Ai line
  • Credits go to umimi2000 for is amazing rfactor work
  • Thank you umimi2000 For giving the ok !! :)

Thanks For All coments
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Latest updates

  1. Grass fx rain fx

    -Grass fx -Rain fx
  2. Hero sinoi texture update

    -tarmac texture update -Grass texture update -some other minor fixes
  3. Assetto corsa Hero Sinoi Circuit 2.0 ヒーローしのいサーキット

    updated -Trees -Tarmac -Grass -new layout "short" -new ai lines -new curbs -updated textures -...

Latest reviews

Thx For Updating this Fun Japanese Track
Excellent thanks!
Very nice track , thanks a lot
The track itself is really good but for some reason the AI won't move once I start a race. I also noticed that only 10 out of 20 cars get out of the pits during practice and qualifying.
Thanks a lot!
As always amazing track, just a bit of issues with here and there especially in the short course layout. Frequent FPS drops are happening, messed up replay camera choreography, last corner of the short course has a lot of bumps. Its not yet on the same level as your other track releases but it is looking really good so far. Keep up the excellent work on bringing most of the Japanese tracks to Assetto Corsa.
thanks you
Savage course with awesome hairpins for plenty of e brake FUN ! the road surface feels real very real. First time out was 20 laps in VR in a 2003 Ford Focus SVT. I did not want to stop throwing the hot hatch into each corner with complete reckless abandon ! A must for those that love the short course tracks !
very nice but too short
I love tracks like this one...I'm so happy you fixed this track and one of the Ebisu tracks (in addition to all your other fabulous track conversions & fixers). As always, your work is fantastic. Keep it up, friend!!!
Nice, Nice, Very Nice. Anyone doing work this nice should be building longer tracks. Just did a 51.5 in a Lada right quick. Keep it up.
Thank you,great Track,top Work
:-O thank you so much Tiago ! would you ever be able to work on ebisu minami? This circuit is used a lot but it has never been finished :-/
A lovely winding little track. Perfect for small and mid-engine cars.
Great little technical track, love it thanks!
Nice track , what about Central Circuit in Japan , there is one for rfactor . Would love to see it in ac ;)
Tiago Lima
Tiago Lima
there is ? wheree :O ?
Very good job as always. Thanks for that !

Fenes94, I would love to see also Suzuka, Laguna Seca (the 3.1 doesn't have update anymore, not perfect), Monaco, Interlagos (with physical mesh, good looking, AI ok...).
Beatiful! can you create Istanbul Park?
Tiago Lima
File size
101.2 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.76 star(s) 25 ratings

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