Helmets Career 2017 0.5

Helmets Career 2017 for f1 2013

  1. talisman
    Hello to everyone, i thought that making some f1 2013 mod 2017 helmets would be appreciated by gamers playing with this title. So i made 10 helmets compatible with Skyfall 2017. to you players.


    1. 20170721192605_1.jpg
    2. 20170721192608_1.jpg
    3. 20170721192610_1.jpg
    4. 20170721192619_1.jpg
    5. 20170721192625_1.jpg
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  1. Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen
    Version: 0.5
    1. talisman
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry I did not see your mod .... I took the example of Skyfall, but I also appreciate your work.