Helmet Sponsors Templates 1.0

psd files of sponsors for helmets

  1. fluffydave
    These files are for modders who are capable of editing their own helmets but find doing the sponsors to be time consuming, especially for ferrari, williams, mercedes, etc. (all teams are included in download)

    compatible with f1 2014, f1 2015 helmet shapes & textures. All files are in .psd and 4K size.

    Also good for switching sponsors/teams on the same helmet design.
    me01.jpg fe01.jpg wi01.jpg
    F1 2016 modding tool by Petar Tasev:
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Recent Reviews

  1. MaxPovesmo
    Version: 1.0
    Cool! But as it is not impossible to make a mod for helmets, the textures pull out and make in Photoshop, and then nothing comes out.
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