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HeliMobilista (evoHUD) 0.91

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a Must Have App for single monitor
This is the essential plugin for AMS. Works great, no issues so far. Can you figure out an rFactor 2 version next?
Very good.
Very helpful PlugIn specially on smaller Monitors. Great job !
Any other ideas how to make it work with GID?
Just what AMS needed
Very good app, worked very well until recent updates. Now if the car is behind me the app shows it to be to my side.
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Helimobilista is part of Evo HUD+ now so check it out. A lot of improvements have been done in that version.
the best by now. thanks!!
Fantastic, no complains at all, good job :)
Good job . What makes me hesitate to use it is that it annuls the GID. Will there be some way to use both?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
I'm not sure this will work but you could try to rename the d3d9.dll from GID to something like d3d9_GID.dll, then open evoHUD.ini and set the OriginalD3D9DLL value to d3d9_GID.dll
Fantastic work. This is much better than listening to the annoying spotter... (car left... still there... watch left...). Thank you very much!
Thanks for this app. Fantastic
Good. But... what's the update about?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Thanks man, hope you enjoy. The update was just some minor tweaks like better scaling so it's a bit more accurate and some code cleanup, removed unused variables etc.
Big Thx !
Great Work - An Awesome add on for AMS! Thankyou
....many THX....cool for AMS now

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