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Helicorsa 0.7b

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This is very helpful! Thanks, simple but effective.
Really good app, graphically perfect.
Unfortunately, the distance accuracy is really inacurate, and so you can't trust this for that.

Contrary to the adage "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear", here the other cars look more distant than they really are, sadly so, as I wanted to make this my "go to" tool for online racing, along with CrewChief spotter.

The AC's in-game radar app is way, way more accurate and precise (not even comparable, IMO), but if you don't expect accuracy or precision, then this does the trick nicely.
Very useful app. Simple and effective. Helps to get cleaner racing
An essential mod. Should have been implemented in the base game
awesome app
Thank you. Very useful
Must have.
very useful
very useful
Very, very good. Good use some polish with inspiration from ACC and others but perfectly serviceable right now.
its not showing up
I think carRadar is considerably better. Helicorsa does not show other car's orientation, they all mirror your own car which is not accurate and can be misleading. I also better like how carRadar shows the cars around you and it also has a lot of settings to tweak. So no Helicorsa for me, sorry. :)
Great plugin but there is a bug that can cause it to stop working. Sometimes Helicorsa will write an invalid ini file to `Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\apps\helicorsa.ini` which must be deleted or it will prevent HeliCorsa from loading in-game. The developer needs to put some exception handling around the ini loading code to prevent it from crashing if the file is invalid (in my case, just empty).