Heli Racing BGDC livery for BMW 120i BTCC mod 1.0

Real life livery of the Heli Racing BMW used at the Belgian Gentleman's Drivers Club championship

  1. Grand Tourist
    In coöperation with Heli Racing, I had the privilege to design a virtual (almost) replica of their BMW 120D M Sport used at the Zolder 24H in which they achieved a magnificent 2nd place n their class. With a car that had much less power than their opponents', it was reliability and endurance that helped them to claim the podium place.

    I used the BTCC mod which comes closest to the real car to paint the livery on. For personal use, I transferred another car's sound to update the sound of this mod.
    Special thanks to Heli Racing, Gunther Van den Hove and Steve Clayes for allowing me to paint their wonderful looking car and even more, offering me a possible service function in their pitbox at the next 24H of Zolder!! And if that is not enough, my website and logo will be published on the BGDC's website and put on their real car of 2017!!!! I am a happy livery designer now!!

    Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-1-59-42.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-4-35.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-10-24.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-15-39.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-22-20.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-22-39.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-23-14.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-27-17.jpg Screenshot_btcc_bmw_125i_m_spa_16-12-116-2-30-14.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Fanapryde
    Version: 1.0
    Great skin. Car looks so much better from the outside, since the cockpit view is graphically not the best (has nothing to do with the skin though!).
    NIce work, thanks... CU in Zolder perhaps.
    1. Grand Tourist
      Author's Response
      thx, hope to be there too. I used a reflection map to improve tha car's ...well..reflection. The logo's are matte, the striping is high reflective, the coating is gloss. This way the logo's are much more visable from different angles, and the striping draws the attention from far. Anyways, enough of this boring info :-)
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