Heaven Motorsport #17 - Porsche Carrera Cup GT3 2015 (Dorsch GT3 Cup 991)

Heaven Motorsport #17 - Porsche Carrera Cup GT3 2015 (Dorsch GT3 Cup 991) FINAL

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The so much awaited Heaven Motorsport #17 Porsche of Enrico Fulgenzi using the incredible mod "Dorsch GT3 Cup" is finally here!!
More Realistic Than Ever! You asked it, we made it!!
-To use this skin you need the mod "Dorsch GT3 CUP" !
Adjustments has been made to the size of the skin as noted by you guys. You will now find the skin in 3 sizes:
2k - roughly 30mb
4k - roughly 70mb
8k - roughly 280mb

-ACF Project Team

drive real.jpg


  • Screenshot_dorsch_gt3_cup_ks_barcelona_14-1-116-11-2-42_resized.jpg
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  • Screenshot_dorsch_gt3_cup_ks_barcelona_14-1-116-11-6-34_resized.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Adjusted skin size and last color & specular corrections

    As people noticed, the last update was a "bit" heavy. So we talked with the skin editor and we...
  2. Adjusted all the logos and colors of the skin

    This update is about the right position for all the logo and color corrections as accurate as...
  3. Fixed Right/Left Rims Blur & added new preview photos/videos

    -Fixed the right and left rims blur -Added new collection of videos -Added new photo gallery

Latest reviews

Really nice thanks
Awesome HD ! Thank you.
nice thanks wheres the mod or car cant see it in A C list :)
Hello mate. The mod is not mine and it costs 5euros. You can find it at assetto991(dot)com :)
superb, don't know where 273 mb came from but it only 24.8 :)
Hi. I know, we are working on it. I'm questioning the editor :P
Sorry mate , but this is a mod ? 273 MB for a skin do not seem excessive ?
Hi. I know, we are working on it. I'm questioning the editor :P
Bert Austen
good work, nice skin....thanks
Gorgeous! Thank you :)
Awesome job , thanks for the release !
Thanks! :)
Superb, hope the author of the car continues to make updates and I hope there is a series with your creation here :)
Thanks! Yes, we are recreating the history of the driver from 2013. You can find more info on the webpage http://acfulgenzi.com and you can expect at least the livery of 2013, 2014 and obviously the 2016 one. There are big plans ahead, keep following us :)
stunning work here.
Thanks :)

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