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HDR Profile Lime Rock Park 1.0

HDR, Lime Rock Park, lrp, rfactor2, Tosch

  1. Ian Franssen
    Made by Tosch.

    Here is my custom HDR profile for Lime Rock Park. It should work with all 4 layouts. The zip contains two hdp files. One with a decent bloom at daytime and a profile with bloom disabled.
    Some features:
    -reduced autoexposure (fix for the overexposure in cockpit view for the tintops)
    -tweaked direct sunlight at day night cycles (reduces the strong red lightning during sunset sunrise)
    -high contrast (maybe the trees are to dark if you look against the sun)
    -reduced bloom (only the brightest objects have a some bloom)

    To install extract the two files to "rF2DataFolder\UserData\player\Settings\trackfolder".

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