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HD Lotus 2015 Season Set v2.0

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First of all BIG thanks to Petar Tasev for ERP Editor.
Updated to Yas Marina.

As promised, here is the lotus with all the liveries of the 2015 season so far. All 3 files done in HD 4096x4096 with sponsors as raced on each of the tracks. Because of mapping limitations some sponsors are not on the car. Also due to mapping, Where Genii is standard livery on sidepod - this will be on suspension arms. So the selected cars which have different sidepod logo will have this on the suspension. A pain but not that noticeable.

Just pick the appropriate one you want or use Ryder Mod manager / JSGME Generic Mod Installer to race each one.
Abu Dhabi version will be added on the actual race weekend if there is any changes.

Thanks in advance for people who download it.


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  2. HD Lotus 2015 Season Set (Abu Dhabi version added)

    As seen in Fridays practice session at Yas Marina.

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great! thx, man!
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Thanks. Gracias! Awesome job.
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Brilliant update for Abu Dhabi. Many thanks my friend!!! As a community, we need you to do McLaren :-D
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excelente trabajo!!!!!!!!!...hacer MC'LAREN y MANOR, flexbox
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Just... beautiful! Excellent Work mate! :) Please make more HD cars! :)
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Fantastic...sensational job
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Great Job!
Thank you for beautiful liveries!
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no words epic pack
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Freakin' awesome mate!! Wow, been waiting for a Lotus and to get a season set is amazing. Keep up the good work, will you be doing other teams too? All the best mate!
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Just perfect :) can you do this with other teams? :)
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Beautiful work, Thank you!
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