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Hayosiko Turbo

Hayosiko Turbo 1.1B

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Adds a turbo cosmetically and mechanically to the hayosiko, so you can go faster or something.

credits to kubix and fredrik for helping me with code and credits to grzesplaypl for beta testing

!! may conflict with other mods that interfere with the hayosiko !!
soccimus prime
File size
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First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. visual modifications

    mudflaps and boot edit
  2. a few fixes (hopefully)

    fixed file placement fixed runtime error fixed loading problem ( i hope )
  3. Major Code Fix (must download)

    well, i messed up a part of the code badly, so it's fixed now credit to eps for spotting it...

Latest reviews

the mod itself seems to be really fun and from the videos I've seen it was well made. However, the major drawback is that this mod has tons of conflicts and for example I can't make an offroad 4wd turbo config just because this bad boy can't cooperate. But for everyone who wants to use it without any other mods on hayosiko, go and give it a try ;)
Very dood mod! It would be cool to see diesel satsuma.
this mode awsome and its working %100 properly (seatbelt is working too)
****ing beatiful
Seatbelt doesnt work, so fines!
don't work
i know that this is good mod but for some reason it wont apper in gamae even when i delete every other mod
Can you make Satsuma turbo mod. I want more powerful Satsuma.
This is an awesome mod but it doesn't work with the mod that gives it 2wd, 4wd and 4wd low range gears if you could take some time out of your life it would be greatly appreciated
this is the best :D toyota hiace burnouts :D
How to install this mod?
soccimus prime
soccimus prime
put the .dll in the main Mods folder, and then put the other folder into the Assets folder
The van is now capable of 2nd gear burnouts on dirt and can hit 80km/h with so much wood in the back it'll make astolfo blush.
gamer van gets big upgrade
i love this mod

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