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Happy Medium DynHUD Overlay 1.2

Lean, but with all the essential functionality for online races

  1. Queequeg
    This is a HUD configuration for AMS.

    The goal was to make a HUD that combines the slick, non intrusive style of the CleanHUD configuration with the functionality of the Original configuration available per default in the game. This HUD is meant to provide all the information a driver needs during a race weekend in-game, be it a Club race online or single player event and be less distracting than the default HUD while doing that.

    It is structured into two areas. The bottom right tells you everything you need to know about the car's condition and the middle/top right gives you info about the session.

    I made the track map invisible by default because I find it distracting and made the delta display available during the race. There are two different track maps now that are off by default and can be toggled with the "M" and "N" keys. One is small and shows the whole track while the other is bigger and more zoomed in. Check out the last screenshot to see them. I also included a sector timing screen for the practice configuration as well as a clock that shows the session time remaining since that is very useful for qualy sessions.

    I also made sure nothing overlaps with any other HUD elements from the game (i.e. mirrors, message display, pit display). It's even Boxer LCD compatible on my screen (16:9; 40 deg FOV; See the second to last screenshot.).

    The HUD was originally developed for a 1920x1080 display, but is compatible with a wide range of resolutions now, although I can't test for compatibility with very high resolutions or multi monitor setups. It is recommended to use the low res fuel bar if your resolution is below 1920x1080 to keep it from clipping into other elements. This is included with instructions in the readme file.

    Feel free to make any adjustments you want. The editor is located in: [your partition]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Automobilista\Plugins\DynHUD\editor.


    Have fun!
    Thanks to @robnitro for the suggestion of including a trackmap!

    P.S.: The starting lights at historic Spielberg really have only two lights. The HUD displays five lights on tracks that actually have them, I promise! ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. playmobil_10
    Version: 1.2
    I like this HUD because it matches with the original game visual. I included some other tools in the HUD and the quality and usability is the same.
  2. Luckyluke76
    Version: 1.2
    Hi Queequeg, your HUD is very well done, the addition of the track map is a good plus.
    I've a problem with Barcelona track by Patrick : with this specific track when using it the frame rate slow down and the game starts stuttering, any idea how to solve it ? Thanks.
  3. schlitty
    Version: 1.2
    I like it a lot. It is taking a little bit to retrain my eyes where to look but it's much closer to something I'd prefer if I knew how to mess with the stuff. And as I'm too dumb to figure that all out, this is definitely my favorite I've found thus far. Especially with the map toggles. Thanks!
    1. Queequeg
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate! Glad to hear you like it.
  4. robnitro
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks, how would I put the map back? Im not too good with this game yet in editing lol
    1. Queequeg
      Author's Response
      You use the editor. Check the mod description on where to find it. Then you open overlay.ini in the "Happy Medium" folder and modify it. The map can be found in the Widgets menu. If you want the map during the race, too, you do the same for over_Race.ini.
      Actually I might update this with a map that can be toogled with the keyboard if I can figure out how to do this.