Hanoi Street Circuit

Hanoi Street Circuit 0.9b

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You need delete

Remove the previous version and then install it.


Hanoi Street Circuit converted from rFactor.

- CSP required
- 26 pit/start
- AI
- Replay cam

Original mod by LFT Rfactor Tracks (wedsite)



Latest updates

  1. 0.9 update

    You need delete hanoi_street_circuit.ini (assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks)...

Latest reviews

really like it. just a lil hole in the map on the right hand side of the track at the not-ending-straight, so ur car flys trough the air
i live near the track and this is pretty accurate. nice job
seems not too accurate to hanoi. as a hanoian, it still lacks a bit environment detail and the street seems too small compare to the original road
anyways, nice mod
Good job. Thanks man
Doesn´t work
The track is fine and I think much better than the other one currently existing. I don't really like the actual layout but it doesn't seem to be inaccurate to the real one. There is one huge issue on Turn 10 where if you so much as nibble the curb, the car gets completely destroyed. It's as if the curve is a brick wall. If this gets fixed, I would give this track a 3 stars.
can you convert the track "Rieti City Circuit" from Automobilista to AC? I'm the creator so I give permission to convert (I uploaded it with the other account)
Good track mod and fun to drive but tbh it feels more like it should be a formula e track than a f1 track.
This is terrible. Not worth to download.
thank you :)
Haven't got time to do a long test just yet, but it's always awesome to have your hometown track in AC. Great job!
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