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Halifax GP - Streets of Aachen turned into a Race Track

Halifax GP - Streets of Aachen turned into a Race Track 0.8.1

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Halifax GP
Westside of Aachen made into a track. ~9.5km
The name is derived from the Halifax Bridge.

rain-grassfx hali.jpg

The track was created in Google Maps first and is entirely based on real streets in the West of Aachen, Germany. The track itself is kept as close as possible to the real life streets.
Some sections have been slightly altered in width and camber to allow for better racing though.
I have taken a lot of liberties with the surroundings and decoration for performance and aesthetics as well.

Warning CSP users: Disable "Cache generated grids" and "Cache generated payloads" in "New AI Behavior", it breaks AI lines!!!
The AI is still work in progress and will improve with time. They still get 3:40 times in GT3 cars and allow for good racing. 40 Pits.

The csp lights are still WIP and just proof of concept to allow racing in the night.

GT3 racing in the rain, max settings:
Cruising session by iceninja46:

Simply drag the zip into the Content Manager to install.
The track might work without CSP but it is highly recommended!
Stuff might break without CSP.

- GrassFX
- RainFX
- Lights
- Crowds (soon)
- Working digital flags (soon)
- Video board with live feed (soon™)

Bugfixes you may try if stuff fails:
If the AI drives into every wall and is erratic and unpredictable, try disabling this option in CM. It is mandatory for Ai!

If the light seems to be too impactful on your performance you can disable it entirely by renaming the file located under: "assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\halifax_gp.ini"

A way better approach would be to delete every line up to line 104 of the .ini.
That would be everything concerning the lighting until the line ;RAIN FX.

Special thanks to:
CaptainAwesome aka Arthur for helping me with the layout, testing, brainstorming, bug fixing, etc...!
VTEC League for testing and feedback!

Feel free to leave feedback and bugreports. I'd appreciate it!
This is my first ever track btw.

Latest updates

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  2. Major Update: CLEAN INSTALL RECOMMENDED!! The future is now!

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  3. Hotfix for few small changes

    Noticed a few flaws and things I forgot since releasing the 0.7 version yesterday. Changelog...

Latest reviews

This has really come a long way since your first release. Good stuff. It pays to have good friends doesn't it?
Yep, looking at the v0.1 video on YT it's really come along well. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
And yeah, a lot of feedback from all sides helped me reach this point so yeah it definitely pays to have good friends ^^
Good Job!
Im running on night with SOL and it's very nostalgic. Good job, boy! thanks!
Thanks for the feedback! Glad to see you're able to run the track at night without your GPU melting. I always have performance worries when working on the lighting.
excelent you make a version of this track for rfactor pls?
Thanks for the review, very motivating to continue working on it!

I don't really play rf2 but in theory it should be possible to export it over, although some feautures would be missing. I will look into exporting to rf2 once the track is finished/has it's full release. If it's a relatively easy process I'll definitely do it!
Thanks. Glad to see you're enjoying the track!
Why this silver domination???
What exactly do you mean by silver domination? If you're referring to the background texture:
Part of the background texture is still a low res rip of google maps. The textures will all be replaced with time.

Otherwise feel free to elaborate.
Thanks a lot great track
Thanks for the rating. Glad to see others enjoy my track :)
Great track with a very good AI for that eary build. Much fun to drive with GT3 cars, I am excited how it will develop.
Thanks for the feedback! Very encouraging!
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