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Haas VF19 1.0

Haas VF19 (replaces Manor but uses Mercedes chassis)

  1. ItzzAdr14n
    Hello everyone!
    Here's my take on the Haas VF19. Numbers for Grosjean and Magnussen are both included.
    Missing Rich Energy logo on nose, mini haas logo near the cockpit, rich energy logo on the engine cover and the haas logo on the sidepod are all mirrored.
    Note: there will be extra paddle shifters coming out of the steering wheel as a result of changing chassis (uses Mercedes chassis) despite replacing Manor.

    Hope you all enjoy the mod!

Recent Reviews

  1. Gaara CewoFan
    Gaara CewoFan
    Version: 1.0
    1. ItzzAdr14n
      Author's Response
      I can try at some point, gimme time
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