Haas Texaco [Fantasy] 1.1

Fantasy skin for the HAAS

  1. Rodriggo

    Slight recoloring and rebranding to give the Haas some character, based loosely on the Mansell driven Newman/Haas IndyCar.


    I’ve included just the mipmaps that were “edited” but please note I did not override any of the original mipmaps in the game files location. I saved these among my working mod files and I have had no issue. I’m seeing others include these files so I will too but not sure you even need to touch them. If you decide to override your game files with these PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BACKUP FIRST!

Recent Reviews

  1. Eli-cchi
    Version: 2018-11-11
    Can you do Haas Benetton Mild Seven (Fantasy)? It will be a Haas version of Benetton B195.
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