Haas German helmet 1

full helmet for Haas career F12017

  1. Ja1981
    First helmet demand : codemaster.146.jpg codemaster.147.jpg codemaster.148.jpg codemaster.149.jpg codemaster.150.jpg codemaster.151.jpg
    Use EGO ARCHIVER to install.
    - install Haas career helmet and choose custom number.
    -replace three file helmet, helmet D and helmet S for chrome effect.

    We can realize your helmet together, contact me in private message on Facebook (JA helmet).

    You can make a small donation also so that we can exchange ...

    Donation here.
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Recent Reviews

  1. kpm12
    Version: 1
    Hi, do you have a helmet made from Marc Marquez's design?
  2. Kevin Amankwah
    Kevin Amankwah
    Version: 1
    Looks great! Messaged you on fb to see if I can have one made too..
  3. fman112
    Version: 1
    Very amazing looking skin thank you
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