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Haas F1 VF21 - Formula Hybrid 2020

Haas F1 VF21 - Formula Hybrid 2020 0.9

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The Haas f1 livery for 2021.
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Latest updates

  1. Apology

    I would like to apologize to formulaHEINE as I used a part of his livery without his permission...
  2. Added suits, gloves, and extra detail.

    Added extra sponsors and detail to the car from testing, as well as suits for each driver with...

Latest reviews

No thanks for stealing parts of my Haas skin! You could have asked for help, but just being a copy cat is unworthy for RaceDepartment. Sorry, not sorry....just disappointed.
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Same review as for your Alpine livery. 5 stars because you did a great job with this livery, however i would like if you could reduce the file sizes especially for the chassis. On other liveries it is usually around 20MB but this one is 140MB.... that would be a huge difference if you could reduce it
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Great job, thank you!
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High quality livery in game overall amazing!
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It's an absolutely hideous livery design and I don't particularly like it, but you made the best of it, well done
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Muchas gracias !!!!! muy bien logrado.
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geat thx!
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First release
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4.43 star(s) 7 ratings

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