Haas F1 Team 2.0

Fictional Haas F1 Team

  1. Adrian Watermann
    This is the Fictional Haas F1 Team, the same I made for F1 2013. This Year it´s based on the Saubercar. It´s the final version, but if there is feedback I will see what I can do.
    Feedback is very welcome

    Install: Extract it into the F1 2014 main folder

    2014-10-29_00012.jpg 2014-10-29_00013.jpg 2014-10-29_00011.jpg 2014-10-29_00004.jpg 2014-10-29_00005.jpg 2014-10-29_00006.jpg 2014-10-29_00007.jpg 2014-10-29_00008.jpg 2014-10-29_00009.jpg 2014-10-29_00010.jpg

    I hope you enjoy it!
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Recent Reviews

  1. formule1daan
    Version: 2.0
    It is a Sauber with a Haas logo...
  2. bonnejv
    Version: 2.0
    I like it. Yeah it looks like a Sauber but we don't know the original colors or sponsors so why would you change so much?
    Good livery. I'm using it!
  3. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 2.0
    You should call it Sauber 2.0