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Haas F1 Team 1.0

Fictional Haas F1 Team

  1. Adrian Watermann
    Here is my (Fictional) Haas F1 Team. The skin is based on the Marussia. This pack includes the Car, Box, and driver specifics like the helmet.

    I hope you like it. ;);)
    2014-09-10_00006.jpg 2014-09-10_00011.jpg 2014-09-10_00012.jpg 2014-09-10_00013.jpg 2014-09-10_00009.jpg
    1. Unrar the Archive (with Winrar or 7zip)
    2. Backup the f12013 main folder
    3. Copy all content of the archive into themain f12013-folder

    Sorry for the bad English!!! :D:D

Recent Reviews

  1. Dávid Dzema
    Dávid Dzema
    Version: 1.0
    cool !