Haas F1 monaco livery 2017 1.03

the new color scheme that haas will be using on monaco

  1. jburon72
    Hello guys, first i would like to apologized as the first file that was uploaded was the original red and gray theme. It is on me and ill be careful next time.
    Please read the info and watch the video for details.

    -This is the color scheme that HAAS F1 will be using for monaco 2017 (not sure if they will use it for the rest of the season)

    -Replace the marussia team

    -I use the toro rosso chassis to get the paint and decals look similar to the original design.
    (the marussia chassis cant provide the current car design)

    -Paddle shifter is showing up on the steering wheel (again due to using a different chassis)

    -no additional file only the car texture

    this is still in beta as we still dont have the car aside from the image they show on twitter

    Check my youtube video for details

    -see sample images
    haas f1 monaco 03.jpg
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