Gunsai Touge

Gunsai Touge 1.2

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Conversion for AC & texture update:
Original creators:
Tracks By: Nui
Texture Update & Autumn Pack

- Track layout is bit changed.
- Track Texture Renewal


Have Fun!
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Latest updates

  1. add

    pit,texture-fix tree

Latest reviews

good work, wish it only get better and better !
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Works fine with bug fix
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its fun but its not even finished, near the end your car falls through the road
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Fun track. But I randomly fall through the track at some stage, so cannot ever get one lap in. Hopefully this gets patched.
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lovely mod
but I fall at the end of the track
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I love it
but cannot play on ac1.1
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nice job! thx!
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lot of fun
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Super course. Aside from some low poly off-road surfaces, very nice quality!
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What about 2015 graphics ?
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I expect better for a 2015 game and being v1.2 , I guess I should buy rFactor?
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drive it in a kart you will hit a few invisible walls. foliage is terrible. but i do like best motoring's touge
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Not half bad, but the scenery is rough, and stands out in a bad way.
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cool test tracks best motoring hot version ! i likeeee
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Thanks for your work!
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Awesome to finally have this track on AC, thanks a lot !
Tarmac is very good, no weird bumps like most tracks, nice work thestrobe8 ! Could you please give us more spawns (pits) for this one and Akagi so we can host them on servers ? Thanks for your work, you rock mate.
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