Gunsai Touge [Autumn version] 1.0

Gunma Cycle Sports Center

  1. masaboo3
    Gunma Cycle Sports Center ("Gunsai Touge") for Assetto Corsa


    Original Track was scratch built for rFactor by Miyapon, converted into Assetto Corsa by Masaboo with Author's permission

    This based on Gunsai Touge v1.6 Autumn version for rFactor
    Do not rip or convert for other race programs without Author's permission

    *In order to extract .rar archive, please use WinRAR.



    Please visit Author (Miyapon)'s web site, but almost in Japanese.

    Also please visit Masaboo's Youtube channel:

Recent Reviews

  1. Mason B
    Mason B
    Version: 1.0
    Other than the trees, this is an amazing track. I hope to see the Devil Z from masaboo soon so i can run it at the Shutokou Expressway.
  2. RaymondJDM
    Version: 1.0
    very fun to drive on! also can you tell me where you can get the AE86 like the one in the video? thanks!
    1. masaboo3
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for comments. Please visit AC database, so you can find initiald ae86. Foglights and Taillights were changed by me based on that ae86.
  3. Alexandr66
    Version: 1.0
    4 starts - just for potential. Lot of textures should be replaced by High quality resources and those things far not only, what will make this road actually worthy to be in Corsa tracks collection. So, just for potential and for autumn mood :)
    1. masaboo3
      Author's Response
      HI, Thx for comments. Original author now making newer verion. This mod will be updated after his release. Please wait for a while.
  4. Lily Starfox
    Lily Starfox
    Version: 1.0
    Aw come on!! Not this track again!
    It STILL hasn't been fixed after ALL this time?
    And come on, you guys!!! 5 stars? Are you kidding me? The road is completely broken in many areas and you fall through the road EVERYWHERE...
    Did you even TEST the track before giving it 5 stars?
    Textures are HORRIFYING... Simtraxx has released lots of incredible rally and hillclimb tracks last year and this one is really not up to AC standards now...
    It COULD be an interesting track but it seriously needs a HUGE revamp...
    Oh, also... the colors might look acceptable when it's overcast.. I'll let you discover how it looks when you set the weather to sunny... lol Enjoy your puking. XD
    1. masaboo3
      Author's Response
      Hi, thank you for comments.You mean the road broken and fall, but i cant find problems on my pc and friend's pc. If convenient, tell me your PC spec, OS version and AC version (x86 or x64).. THX
  5. vorg
    Version: 1.0
    Good Job!
    1. masaboo3
      Author's Response
      Thank you comment. I met same falling problem at same gunsai conversion mod that another modder made. Im suspicious the extract software for rar archive. please use WinRAR to extract this.
  6. stevenngo
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks a lot, we need more tracks like these
    1. masaboo3
      Author's Response
      Thank you for comment. BTW, dont you have any problems that Lily said above?
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