Gulf-Porsche [Fantasy] 1.4

Fantasy skin for the TORO ROSSO

  1. Final driver suit correction

    Excuse the repeated updates for the suit, I'm only now getting on podiums regularly and seeing it. This should be the final one.
    - Fixed the Gulf logo on back so it doesn't clip.
    - Added Gulf logos on shoulder and neck strap to match the UI elements.
  2. Minor edit to driver suit.

    - Effects I was using was blowing out the color on the suit creating white flakes, fixed this.
    - Alpha on the suit decals fixed.
  3. Minor edit to driver suit.

    Faked shadow on the driver suit logo was too dark, lightened it. :thumbsup:
  4. .dds files added.

    Added my .dds files for the more adventurous.

    - driver suits, caps, gloves, helmets, etc.
    - garage, pitcrew, perch, team suits, etc.
    - career RND room elements
    - UI elements
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