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Guerilla BMW M6 "MRS GT Racing #14" SKIN

Guerilla BMW M6 "MRS GT Racing #14" SKIN 2019-08-24

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Hi !

"MRS GT Racing Skin #14" from the ADAC GT Masters 2018 for the Guerilla BMW M6.

Have Fun !

PS: Screenshots are made in the Content Manager. The yellow front lights are NOT part of the skin ! I changed the cars for myself. If you want yellow frontlights...you need to copy some files from the other skin of the car. Sorry !

__custom_showroom_1566622223.jpg __custom_showroom_1566622264.jpg __custom_showroom_1566622304.jpg __custom_showroom_1566622341.jpg __custom_showroom_1566622398.jpg __custom_showroom_1566623180.jpg

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Cool Skin. Is it possible to swap it to the RSS Version of the M6 GT3
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