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GTR2 AI Mod 1.0.1

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GTR2 AI and Circuit Mod v1.0.1
by Kuckoo

Ideal for use with a clean installation of the retail version of GTR2, patched with the official v1.1.0.0 update. Not tested with the Steam release of GTR2.

Multiple changes made to the AI drivers, GT, N-GT, and 24HR car parameters, and circuit files. AI races more sensibly and are more of a legitimate challenge. Some individual AI drivers are, naturally, still better than others.

Among other changes, circuit grip levels has been slightly reduced. By default, cars cornered quicker and lapped several seconds a lap faster in the game than their real-world counterparts did at the same circuit.

Do not worry. You will not be driving on ice. :)

Once the tires are warmed up a player will still be able to put in competitive lap times, similar to what was achieved in-period on the same circuit. You will have to be more careful on cold tires and driving in the wet than you're used to.

Known Issues:
> The AI still reverts to their old ways in Practice and Warm Up sessions. However, they go back to behaving acceptably in Qualifying (mostly) and Race sessions.
> In mixed-class endurance racing, there will inevitably be times when faster spec cars come into contact with those they are lapping - though this now happens less often than default - and steps were taken to mitigate unrealistically negative effects of these occurrences. The faster car will still make every reasonable attempt to get by.

** Before installing, please read the included Readmes for important installation instructions and recommendations. **

I really hope that you enjoy this mod and appreciate the challenge it presents.

>> 18 Aug 2018 - Updated to v1.0.1 - Change in .PLR file entry in Installation readme. Please click the [Updates] tab for info.

Thank you!
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super thx :)
Can I share it to other forums ?
Thanks for the positive stars.
I'd honestly rather not anyone upload the mod to another site. You can link to this site. You can state where you want the mod hosted and I "may" take a look.
Thanks for asking.
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