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GT Sport Preview Preset Content manager v2

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This should help you create previews similar to the static gt sport ones

Install location: C:\Users\*INSERT_USERNAME*\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Previews

Note you need content manager for this to work



Not perfect but it will do.

Latest updates

  1. balance horizontal plane

    Ive set the preset to have a forced horizontal plane, this means that the cars with extreme...

Latest reviews

Thanks to this mod, I end up clicking "Update previews" every time I go to another car in content view :-)
can't find the "actools content manager" folder anywhere
do you have content manager?
I love messing about with the car previews and this is one of the better ones (similar to one I've created myself). Great job!
The more tasty a car looks like, the more I want to drive it. This mod makes cars look better than ever!!! Thank you!!!
Looks fantastic!! Though to show it off a bit "closer" to the preview, totes could have used my skin based on that exact car, haha! Thanks a bunch!
It should be forbidden, it makes cars too hot !! :) Thanks for your great work, it's very nice.
Excellent. Thanks
The best preview preset for me, all the cars look so beautifull!
Nice share BrownNinja. :-) This was a very good idea to share the Preset this way. I'm sure it will get a lot more exposure, which is the goal. Wow...Look at how beautiful the Content Manager renders are.
OMG! This is fantastic! Excellent work! Cars look really clean with this. :)
Very nice!!!
Superb thanks ... been struggling to get white cars white :)
Nice work, many thanks! o/
GG mate the preview looks so good ! :D
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