GT Pack DHL Heine racing 2013

GT Pack DHL Heine racing 2013 1.6

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This skinpack features 14 various GT cars for GTR Evo & GT Power classes. The car liveries have developed over the last years for personal use. Now for 2013 season i decided to make them public. Have fun racing with them.
This is a re-release for

Just copy the folder "GT_Pack_Heine_racing_2013" to the CustomSkins folder of your RACE 07 / GTR Evo / Race On game.
Delete older versions before copy the new one. Overwrite files on request.

Car & Driver line-up:

GT Club:
BMW Z4 GTR - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL
BMW Z4 GTR - #86 - Jens Klingmann (GER) - kfzteile24

GT Sport:
BMW M3 GT2 - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL
BMW M3 GT2 - #86 - Dirk Adorf (GER) - Samsung
Corvette C6R GT2 - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - HEiNE group
Corvette C6R GT2 - #86 - Thomas Jäger (GER) - kfzteile24

GT Pro:
Audi R8GT - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL
Audi R8GT - #86 - Frank Biela (GER) - Schaeffler
Aston Martin DBR9 - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL
Aston Martin DBR9 - #86 - Stefan Mücke (GER) - Beck's
Corvette C6R - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL
Corvette C6R - #86 - Thomas Jäger (GER) - Beck's
Zonda R GT - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL

Pagani Zonda R - #85 - Arne Heine (GER) - DHL

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Bravo!! Very nice skins. Thank you

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